Labor Day 2014

Had a great night at the camp with friends – added some sunset pictures too!



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Black Mountain sunset



here’s some pictures of a recent sunset over Black Mountain in the El Pasos…

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Public Picnic Area

Friends of Last Chance Canyon (with a generous donation from Home Depot and helpers too!) erected a covered area with a picnic table in front of Bickel Camp – and it came out great! We then celebrated on our new picnic table too with some great food and fun.DSC_0029


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Well I must’ve been having a lotta fun lately as I have not posted in a couple of months. Of course, I could ‘blame the heat’ as it’s been up to 117 F so far (not August yet) but that’s par for the course in the Mojave desert…so No Excuses!

Hmmmmm, the font size is a bit large on the ‘speedy post’ I’ll have to check this area out now.

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Petroglyph tour and Bickel Camp

Had a wonderful time with new and old friends – great weather and lots of pictures too – here’s a page just built

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Indian Wells Cyn

Indian Wells Cyn

Recent snow 3-8-13

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awaiting the snowfall

well it’s wet at Bickel Camp, that’s fer sure! Raining in Ridgecrest and snowing all around, just a little lower please….


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Bickel Camp

Bickel Camp

December 08 2012

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FLCC 10/20/2012 agenda

Friends of Last Chance Canyon



Agenda for Friends of Last Chance Canyon Board and Members Meeting at Bickel Camp


Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.






FLCC semi-annual review Charlie Hattendorf

Last meeting was April 10th 2012 @ Easter cleanup and Larry O’Neil’s memorial.

New Site Stewards:

Shaun Seaborn – cleanup SME and now VP of site steward scheduling and support

Adam and Jessica Wysocki – alternate weekend stewards

Tom Tucker – weekday steward

Current status: Camp and sanitation enhanced. Shower plans. SPOT renewed for the caretaker and visitor safety. Quail Unlimited’s donation of 250 gallon tank for the camp is being installed as a non-potable shower and cleaning water source. Intent is to preserve Walt’s existing shower. Additional Outhouse now onsite and both are cleaned about once a month.


BLM and El Paso Mountains Access – WEMO update (CAPA) route designations  in the El Pasos meeting 10/27 in Ridgecrest at the Carriage Inn and WE NEED TO BE THERE! (Jim is sub-group to DAC member). BLM has finally assigned a regional office manager for Ridgecrest. FLCC is looking forward to working with them. Another cleanup day w/dumpster soon?

Thanks to Ed Walheim and Friends of Jawbone Canyon for the continued site steward support


Treasurer’s report Mary Hattendorf for  Jim Kenney
Club Mining Claim update – about 20 paying members PLEASE keep your digging area clear of trash and fill your holes in when you’re done digging.

Petroglyph Tours Update – scheduled for November 10th,  Mary and Charlie Hattendorf escorts free to members

Cabins Update-  Charlie Hattendorf for Dave Flaker and Augie Melendez

FLCC Future Charlie Hattendorf – “as long as we have a site steward here things are good!”

Please remember Chuck Goodenough in your thoughts as he’s in the hospital at this time.


Member Comments


….and closing Charlie Hattendorf

Current FLCC Officers:

Charlie Hattendorf President
James Kenney Treasurer and Access subject matter expert
Chuck Goodenough Vice President – advertising

Shaun Seaborn Vice President – Site Steward scheduling and support

Standing Committees and Functionaries :

Bickel Family representatives and Historians: Laura Fernsler / Ron Bickel
Petroglyph Tours & Member information – Mary Hattendorf

Tip Top Mining Claim: Charlie Hattendorf

Bonanza Gulch Cabins and Historian: Dave Flaker / Augie Melendez

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