There’s still a lot of sights to see in our beautiful public lands. I feel fortunate to have these vistas at my back door, having spent a lot of time in cities like LA and Denver, there is simply nothing like the wide open vista of an ocean, or mountain and desert skyline. I think of city-bound children growing up surrounded by concrete and asphalt – and it’s no wonder that once in the open they are afraid, and spend their time camping close to others, leaving trash and ‘surviving the elements’ in heated and air conditioned cars, etc etc…fortunately my wife and I chose to live in a rural setting, to raise our kids to appreciate the wide open. I knew beforehand my career would “suffer” not making as much income as my peers in the big city, with their mortgages and ulcers to match….so be it. Life is good, and it is meant for living. Here’s to hoping you too can appreciate the wide open wherever you are!



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